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Working with communities

Welcome to the website of the

Scientific Groundwater Exploration Trust (SGE)

From the Pacific Ocean to the Roof of the World

SGE was originally founded to protect vulnerable groundwater resources in Pacific Island nations. Our work has extended to include other remote areas, notably the Himalayas. The common themes are harsh environment, water scarcity and resilient communities.


We work with water, both seen and unseen. The shrinkage of the planet's glaciers is plain for all to see. Groundwater on the other hand, is mysterious and unseen, and one of the most under-appreciated and vulnerable natural resources.

In both environments, remote communities are experiencing first hand the impacts of increasing water scarcity, with some areas becoming unviable for human habitation.

Our work is a fusion of maker-space technology (cheap scientific instrumentation), the latest mathematics and computation, and generations of local knowledge and ingenuity to help communities adapt and preserve their traditional ways of living.

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